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The Adventures of the Shanghai Woolies Vol. 1

The Shanghai Woolies are proud to announce the release of our first CD of all original music, “THE ADVENTURES OF THE SHANGHAI WOOLIES” If Louis Armstrong, Django Reinhardt, Leon Redbone, Big Mama Thornton, Betty Boop and Bonnie and Clyde were in a band, this would be it, and this new album would be the story of their adventures in love and mayhem. The band is peopled with talented and colorful characters from both sides of the Columbia River -- a classy clique of the NW’s best musicians bringing you their signature style of “hot music” inspired by the music of the 20’s and 30s. The band delivers the goods with a crackerjack collection of instruments -- the doghouse aka the Big Bass, T-bone, Sax, Trumpet, Drums, no fewer than 2 guitars, 1 crooner and a hot jazz singer making for 1 killer ensemble. The tunes swing hard, the cats can really play, and the record is smashing. Best of all, the music will grab you by your arms, swing you around and before you know it you will be doing the Charleston. Musicians Vocals: Brooke Zimet, Ben Medler, Nick O' Donnell & Michelle Medler Trumpet: Gavin Bondy, Greg Garrett & James M Gregg Saxophones & Clarinet: Michelle Medler Trombone: Ben Medler Guitars, Banjos & Washboard:Nick O' Donnell & Tyson Schmidling Bass: Leah Hinchcliff & Bernardo Gomez Drum set & Percussion: Joe Haegele